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How to set up my e-mail account on Mail for Mac ?

In this guide, we will show you how to set up your e-mail account on Apple Mail for Mac. We opt for IMAP with SSL in this guide. You can configure your e-mail in a different way, by using the settings that are on this article.

  1. Open Mail, then click Mail > Add Account....

  2. On the window Choose a Mail account provider..., click Other Mail Account and Continue.

  3. On the window Add a Mail account, enter the following information.

    • Name : Enter your name
    • Email Address : Enter your e-mail address (example@domain.com*)
    • Password : Enter your password

  4. On the next window, enter the information related to your e-mail account.
    • Account Type : Select IMAP
    • Outgoing server : Enter mail.domain.com*
    • Outgoing server : Enter mail.domain.com*

    * Replace 'example@domain.com' with your e-mail address and 'domain.com' with your domain name

  5. Click Done.

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